HEadshot information

Why should you have a professional headshot?

People will want to put a face behind a business. An image of you is the best way to communicate and build relationships. It’s about connections. Potential clients do research on companies before doing business and put a face to the name. When you look up someone on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp what is the very first thing you look at? Their pictures. Putting a professional and approachable headshot of you online will help them make that connection. YOU are your brand. YOUR HEADSHOT is your brand!

What should you wear?

Please bring (2-5) different looks depending upon the session but understand that you mostly need to look professional. Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to mix it up with different styles, colors, layers, textures and accessories. Avoid bulky, baggy, puffy clothing or anything that is overly embroidered. Bring some jewelry. Please wear appropriate brassieres and avoid brightly colored bras. Please make sure to be well groomed before our session.  Your headshot should reflect your personality and your appearance should do just that.

SHould I wear makeup?

Women should wear makeup. If you would like a makeup artist for your session there will be an additional cost. If you do your own makeup up, we ask that you come with it ready along with your hair. Bring whatever you need to change your hair as you choose throughout the session.

Men are not required to wear makeup. However, we can provide a makeup artist at an additional cost. Make sure your hair is presentable. If you wear facial hair, you can bring a razor with you if you want clean-shaven photos at the end of the session.

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